Our story:

How it all started…

Denice and Sam met in the Netherlands during a family visit from Denice. During this visit, Sam and Denice discussed her plans for emigration to Curaçao and Sam (20 years independent entrepreneur) stated that once she was settled on Curaçao, she wanted to mean something for the community and asked Denice if she had an idea what she could do. to do. Denice, whose background lay within the parent committees and complaints committee, indicated what the current situation was in schools, particularly the outdated and broken school furniture. Once settled on Curaçao they started the foundation on 23 February 2017. The combination of the 2 different experiences and backgrounds has proven to be a success!

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Sam van Dimmelen


Denice Bezemer – Hoyer

Secretary / Treasurer

Team Nederland

Our Goals:

The foundation aims to:
  • Provide the community of Curaçao with usable and necessary material and furniture whether or not second-hand, but still in good condition. The material and furniture is from the Netherlands or elsewhere. This should include the supply of school material, material for the various sports, material for health care as well as material for the prison for retraining to practice. Or material / furniture for the benefit of every self-respecting authority that can do some work in favor of the island.
  • The foundation will also make efforts to contribute as much as possible to the agricultural sector as well as the economic sector by making contacts between the various parties for the self-sufficiency of the islanders and the economy of the island.
The Foundation tries to achieve its goal by:
  • Make contact with the various authorities in the Netherlands and elsewhere that can be of significance for the purpose to be achieved. The community as well as the dignitaries are informed through information days and motivated to help the circumstances. Financial resources come from donations and through fundraising.